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During Pregnancy I've had lots of people ask me what vitamins to take and what minerals they need. I can tell you some the things that you might need to add to make your diet more well rounded for pregnancy and beyond.  Normally, things like Folate, B9, need to be added during pregnancy.. This needs to be added through food sources, but also as an extra supplement. It not only helps with energy, but plays a role in production of red blood cells and helps with baby's brain and spine development. Next, DHA/EPA is an Omega fatty acid that also helps with brain and eye development of baby. These can be bought separately from your prenatal vitamin and some come with it. Sometimes Vit D will be added, Magnesium etc, but we usually will draw your blood first to see if you are deficient before supplementing. Unfortunately, during fall and winter months, most are deficient in Vitamin D. Below are just a few brands that you could introduce if needed. I don't make money off this site or anything like that. I am just trying to make it easier to find trusted brands for you to use.

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