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These kind words from happy birthers have lifted us and carried our souls into gratefulness. Hoping their words will show a glimpse into our practice and care. 


kind words

"I knew the moment I received my first email back from Maggie that she was "the one". After many interviews and initial emails, I felt Maggie was the most thorough and interested in ME and my birth. She was very personable and actually treated me like a mother with my own story and birth desires and not just another client to fill her schedule. My instincts were correct. When it came time to receive my son (May 13th, 2021) she was wonderful! Since it was my second, my labor went a lot quicker than we thought it would. She listened to me and knew I was close to transition and knew exactly what to do and when to do it. She paid great attention to both the health of my son and myself during labor. My family almost didn't make it on time (They arrived as I was pushing) and she then became my doula as well...even though I had decided not to hire one (I had family) and that wasn't her job. She and Chelsea were both awesome and very professional with a personal touch, and they were very competent which put me at ease. I am so pleased with her services and will for sure continue to keep a relationship as time goes forward. I HIGHLY recommend Wild Fig birth! K in Murfreesboro, TN







Chelsea showed great patience, understanding and held a very positive attitude during my entire pregnancy and labor.  She supported every decision I made and gave great advice/guidance in areas I was unsure.  I was surprised how comfortable and open I felt with Chelsea in such a short amount of time.  She went out of her way to see me at home for most of our appointments and for that I am forever grateful. She is more than a midwife, she is a friend! -

The care that Wild Fig provided was exceptional! The entire team is wonderful to work with and Maggie and Chelsea are the most compassionate healthcare providers I have ever worked with! I was continuously impressed with their care and services and felt well supported. Maggie delivered my daughter and was so calm and well prepared, she even prayed for me throughout my laboring process. Maggie and Chelsea are truly gifted in this area of medicine, I always felt comfortable with them and they were so attentive whenever I had any questions or concerns. I would use them again in a heartbeat and can't recommend them enough!








Wild Fig with Maggie & Chelsea was such a great experience! This was our first birth in TN & we were pleased with every experience. I roll very hands off and natural and even though I had preferences they explained everything so I was well & informed me while also respecting my voice, my choices and my motherly instinct. This was my fifth baby and she came and early and quick! Maggie was on call and got there immediately no hesitations at all. She noticed our girl was retracting some post birth and suggested a nicu transfer. She was super prepared calculated the oxygen down to the minutes, she advocated and spoke to all hospital staff! Her assistants were hands on and amazing, prayed over the baby in the car with me. Our baby was totally fine and just needed a little help, this had nothing to do with any care we got, but her being just a little early & fast. We are so grateful that Maggie caught this and was so well prepared. Maggie and Chelsea both were terrific post care & honestly are people who I would do lunch with or be friends with their compassion and care is out of this world! They know their birth stuff and are led by wisdom. The presence of God surrounds both their lives! Anyone would be honored to have them at their birth. And for anyone who has post birth trauma or triggers they were super patient with me as I talked them through! Out of 5 babies I’ve never had more hands on patient care!


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