These kind words from happy birthers have lifted me and carried my soul into gratefulness. Hoping their words will show a glimpse into our practice and care. 


kind words

"I knew the moment I received my first email back from Maggie that she was "the one". After many interviews and initial emails, I felt Maggie was the most thorough and interested in ME and my birth. She was very personable and actually treated me like a mother with my own story and birth desires and not just another client to fill her schedule. My instincts were correct. When it came time to receive my son (May 13th, 2021) she was wonderful! Since it was my second, my labor went a lot quicker than we thought it would. She listened to me and knew I was close to transition and knew exactly what to do and when to do it. She paid great attention to both the health of my son and myself during labor. My family almost didn't make it on time (They arrived as I was pushing) and she then became my doula as well...even though I had decided not to hire one (I had family) and that wasn't her job. She and her assistant Chelsea were both awesome and very professional with a personal touch, and they were very competent which put me at ease. I am so pleased with her services and will for sure continue to keep a relationship as time goes forward. I HIGHLY recommend Wild Fig birth! Kelsey-Murfreesboro, TN





Maggie's love of the birthing process is so evident. Having her there with me was my greatest source of confidence that delivering my son would be a beautiful process, and it was! I am so thankful for her gentle care, fierce confidence in my abilities, and wide array of knowledge on both my personal process, and the medical aspects going on around me.". -R.Steed

 I was going through a divorce, pregnant, and had some complications with my pregnancy. Maggie was so helpful. Her peaceful, sweet disposition as well as watchful eye was exactly what the baby and I needed!!! What could have been very scary for me turned out to be such a sweet experience and memories much due to Maggie's help!!! She's awesome!!! Thank you Maggie!!! -L. Cook


Maggie has an incredibly special and evident anointing over her and many gifts of ministry, but especially in her care of mamas and babies! In August, I had the great honor of having Maggie attend and be a vital role in my third home birth! She possesses a beautiful confidence, strength, grace, assertiveness, and genuine love that comforted my soul and assured me each step of the way! Her presence brought about such peace and was so life- giving in so many ways! She was very discerning about when and how to serve me in the most needed way...reading me my affirmations, reminding me of my God-given strength, empowering and calming me with her wisdom! I can't imagine not having Maggie beside me in such a monumental, life changing time of helping me bring a life into this world! She is like a piece of our family now-- she will forever hold a special place in our hearts! LS-Mt Juliet, TN 

I had the privilege of having Maggie at my birth on April 27th, 2014. She knew how to speak in a calming and soothing way whilst maintaining her assertiveness. She was able to keep me grounded and maintained composure despite my foul cursing on the way to the hospital! She is strong and can take your body weight,hand squeezing and gives an abundant amount of encouragement and love! Maggie gets in there when she sees its a "get in there" moment and she knows when to sit back and let the mamma do her thing! I could not recommend Maggie more!- Karissa, A.-Nashville, TN