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Offering personalized Midwifery Care

Rooted in faith, nourished by connection, empowered by evidenced based knowledge



Midwifery Services

  • A complimentary, no stress consultation about our services and to get to know one another

  • Prenatal Visits are in our Nolensville Office and some are in your home. 
  • Initial prenatal visit: includes medical history, OB history etc. Then, a regular prenatal visit, including assessments of baby's heart beat, your vital signs etc.  

  • Nutritional and Exercise education

  • Appropriate labs, ultra sounds and or testing throughout pregnancy

  • Phone, text and email support throughout pregnancy

  • Emergency midwife hotline for immediate attention or in labor calls.

  • Emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

  • Birth in Many different Positions, Have a Water Birth, Birth on Land or outside. We will work with you!

  • Postpartum & Breastfeeding support (list of lactation specialists to help) *pricing will vary*

  • Newborn exam immediately following birth, and then newborn screening 1-2 days after birth, including the hearing screen and the Critical Congenital Heart Defect Screening. 

  • Birth certificate submission/filing

  • Postpartum visits, 24 hr-48 hr, 3-7 day, and/or possibly 2 weeks and then 6 weeks 

  • Back-up midwife support if called to another birth, death injury or illness

  • On Call for you 24/7 from hiring till 6 weeks postpartum. 

  • $5800 (five thousand  eight hundred) total for all listed above with 500$ due at first visit. The rest may be made in payments or in one lump sum, but must be paid in full  by 36 weeks.   Many HSA/FSA plans will pay for Midwifery Care. Also, some insurance companies will reimburse you. There are also Health share plans such as Medishare, Samaritan and Liberty, which cover midwifery care.  You can even pay via Paypal with credit card (3.1% charge) or take out a Personal loan. Whatever works for your family. We do have a billing company that works with clients to try to get reimbursement if that is something you're interesting in. STM Billing

  • We can talk more about this at the free consult.  Contact me below. 

Contact for a Free Consult fill out here: 

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