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Here is a list of Local and National Resources Regarding Birth, Lactation and Postpartum

Local Birth Doula Support and *Child Birth Education*

  • Nashville Doula Services: 615-933-5838

  • Heidi Duncan: Expecting New Life Birth Svs: ​ 615-710-7077

  • Miriam Edwards: 615-429-3284

  • Viergeni White:

  • Sarah Fuqua: 

  • Kimberly Williams-Growing Your Nest:,

  • Marcie Hadley Precious Arrows Doula Svs:205-610-9224

  • East Nashville Doulas: 615-957-5871

  • Nashville Birth and Babies: 855-905-BABY (2229)

  • Krissy 615-933-5838

  • Blissful Birthing: (859) 533-4667 

  • Melinda Ring: Labor Doula, IBCLC, AAHCC, or 931-308.9817

  • Amanda Johnson: Gentle Voice Prenatal Support/Hypnobabies Classes:  615-707-9332 or 710-7077

Doula Info: 
There are so many doula organizations out there, but if you want to read more about about doulas, you can go to a few links.

  • Dona International  

  • American Pregnancy organization 

DOULA STATS:  Here are some links to information/Statistics of how doulas help during labor

Breast Feeding Help:  
​If you are a first time parent or if this is NOT your first time around the block, sometimes we need help. Here are some local resources as well as national resources.  As well, I have posted a basic (conservative) breast feeding video that is really great and about 20 minutes in length. 

  1. The La Leche League

  2. Nashville Breast Feeding Coalition

  3. Women's Health.Gov

  4. Basic Breast Feeding Video by a Lactation Consultant

Local Lactation Consultants: 

  • Melinda Ring: Labor Doula, IBCLC, AAHCC, or 931-308.9817

  • Kate Kropp  and Nancy Hensley, and Leah Kelley Brown, IBCLC, NPs, with Nashville Birth and Babies: 855-905-BABY (2229)

  • Jackie Randolf, LC: 615-218-5130

  • Angela Lee of Blessed Beginnings, RN, IBCLC and does home visits (Spring Hill, Franklin)


Local Postpartum Doula Support:

  • Brayta Bailey at East Nashville Doulas: 615-957-5871 or

  • Nashville Doula Services: 615-933-5838 or (Krissy Weber)

  • Marcie Hadley Precious Arrows Doula Svs: 205-610-9224​

  • Nashville Birth and Babies: 855-905-BABY (2229)  

  • Danielle Huka @Nourished Haven 

  • Nova Birth Services: 615-669-6399

Local Counseling Support:  
Emily Pardy LMFT and Stacey Williams, MMFT and Brooke Lamb, LMFT at Ready Nest Counseling: (615) 988-5123
Dr. Lee Norton: Trauma Therapy: (615) 933-9296 Franklin
Julie Vero, LCSW: (615) 327-1337 Hendersonville and Nasvhille 
Ruth Bryant at Synergy Counseling: LCSW: (615) 306-8044 or 615-975-2438

National Postpartum Deppression/Anxiety support: 

Placenta Encapsulation:


  • Nashville Doula Services:  (Katie Richardson) 615-933-5838 or

  • Aubrey Mcmillan:615-513-5348

  • Miriam Edwards: 615-429-3284

  • Jeanie Casey at Nashville Childbirth and Doula Services:

  • Bosom Buddy Nashville: Leslie Severns and Ashely Glenn- 615-612-8867

  • Katherine Montgomery: Old Hickory Madison area:  912-222-6469


1. Tennessee Breastfeeding Hotline 24-7 1-855-4BF-MOMS (1-855-423-6667)
2. St. Thomas Midtown Hospital (formerly Baptist Hospital) 615-284-3381
3. Tristar Centennial Women’s Hospital 615-342-5650
4. NorthCrest Medical Center 615-382-6016
5. Tristar Stonecrest Medical Center 615-768-2234
6. Tristar Summit Medical Center 615-316-4244
7. Dickson (Cheatham County) La Leche League 615-740-8748
8. Vanderbilt Women’s Education and Lactation Center 615-936-1414
9. La Leche League 1-887-452-5324
10. Office of Women’s Health 1-800-994-9662  8–5, M-F

Birth Photography or Film:


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