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Chelsey Fischer, Midwife Assistant

Wild Fig Assistants

What would we do without our Assistants?!

Currently Wild Fig has two lovely assistants.

Chelsey Fischer. Chelsey has been in birth work since 2017, but her love for birth started as a young girl. 

She has always been fascinated with the process of pregnancy & birth, and had a love for babies and toddlers. This led her to become a certified medical assistant in pediatrics, and was in this field for 7.5 years. 

During that time period she started a family and but suffered a traumatic birth with her first born. Chelsey then made it her mission for her next birth to be different, learning about hypnobirthing the role of a doula. 

After a lovely 2nd birth, she changed careers, and started to help women by educating them, as well as helping them feel empowered about their births.

Chelsey became a certified doula through Childbirth International in 2017 and has worked with various organizations and then started her own practice in 2019.  She is currently studying midwifery to become a Certified Professional Midwife, which is her life long dream and is assisting Wild Fig to help build that dream. 

Chelsey is as CMA (certified Medical Assistant), CPR-BLS certified, as well as qualified in Neonatal Resuscitation, certified as Birth & postpartum doula, Peanut ball certified, Rebozo certified, Tens Unit certified, and a holds a certificate in resolving shoulder dystocia.
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Aubrey McMillan. Aubrey joins us in 2023 as a new Midwifery Apprentice, although not new to the birth world.


Aubrey discovered her passion for birth work after her first pregnancy and birth journey. Her background is filled with caring for young children and supporting their families through parenthood.


After her first birth, she leapt into birth work by becoming a doula in 2017. As a doula, she had the honor to support more than 100 families as they welcome new little ones into their families. During this time, her passion continued to bloom and her desire to become a midwife became very clear.


She is now studying midwifery on her pursuit to become a Certified Professional Midwife. She is very excited to work with and learn from the Wild Fig team! Aubrey has an innate ability to be adaptable, calming, and instinctual, which makes her a valuable member to any birth team.

She has worked with midwives during her pregnancies and has had very different birth experiences each time. Her first birth was an induction for high blood pressure that led into a C-section, her second was a miscarriage, and her third was an HBAC (home birth after cesarean).

Aubrey is a Certified Birth & Postpartum doula, Certified Placenta Specialist, and Childbirth Educator. She holds certifications in NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation) and CPR-BLS. She is peanut ball trained as well as in other healing modalities. She also loves to talk about homeopathy and herbal remedies.

Aubrey McMillian, Midwifery Assistant

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